ConsultingFebruary 2, 2020by devcon

DevCon signed contract with Power Development Board (PWD)

DevCon signed contract with Power Development Board (PWD) and Hifab to develop, document and implement a SCADA system

 DevCon and Hifab has been commissioned by the Bangladesh Power Development Board (PWD), which is responsible for planning and developing the country’s energy supply. The project is self-financed and includes the development of documents and implementation of a SCADA system. SCADA* is a monitoring system of the mains and provides improved optimization and control.
The scope of this project is project management, design and construction management of the new SCADA system. The system shall include the distribution of electricity in four cities in Bangladesh. Hifab Oy is carrying out the project together with Hifab International AB and local DevConsultants Limited. Work is expected to start as early as early January 2021.
* SCADA = Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition The project in its entirety is called: Preparation of Detailed Design and Implementation.