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DevCon has in-house world class software systems which are now being used worldwide in automated industrial, urban & regional planning; and infrastructure planning including road, bridge & utility design systems to develop a new state-of-the art technology in engineering. Through time we have also trained & built a talented pool of technical team to understand, plan, design, simulate & deliver an integrated solution with the use of these specialized systems.

It can be easy to spot congestion, bottlenecks, and areas that could use some help. It can be harder to identify the best resolution. Regardless of the complexity of the traffic operations in your area, Citilabs’ CUBE Dynasim is there to help you recreate what you see on the street — it is the most accurate method for modeling every detail of traffic operations. Once you’ve created a digital twin of the traffic problem, quickly test changes to identify the most effective ways to reduce congestion and delays as well as improve safety in your community.

Vehicles traveling through the area
Cars circulating and parking
Trucks making stops and deliveries
Motorcycles traveling with or working their way through the traffic
Buses, rail vehicles, and circulators making stops and preempting the traffic control as appropriate
Bicycles and pedestrians interacting with all the other vehicles and the environment

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