Traffic Impact Assessment of Hazi Salauddin Green City Commercial Complex


In developing countries, TIA process is compulsory for large projects and above a certain size for example: all projects occupying 300 parking units or larger than 2000 sq. meters of gross floor area or projects that will generate more than 100 new traffics in the peak hour. Hazi Salauddin Green City Commercial Complex is located in Kanchpur at Sonargaon Upazila in Narayanganj District, by the Dhaka-Sylhet National Highway (N2) and only 500m apart from the major intersection at Kanchpur. This is a mixed-use project. The project comprises 15 nos. of 10 storied residential buildings which accommodate 1,188 parking units and total parking lot floor area of 36, 673.42 sq. meter. There is also a 20 storied commercial building which will generate 850 new vehicular trips per day. So a Transport Impact Assessment (TIA) for the project is compulsory for the Hazi Salauddin Green City Commercial Complex,

It is done with the objectives as the following:

  • To estimate the generated traffic in 2020 from the project,
  • To evaluate impact of the project on the adjacent road network,

To provide some recommendations for the mitigation measures.


The specific activities performed under the assignment are as follows:

  • Study and understanding of the land use pattern of the project and surrounding areas,
  • Review of the compatibility of the project with the existing and proposed land use,
  • Review of internal traffic circulation (within project compound) and the entry & exist points,
  • Traffic forecast from the 24hr Classified Traffic Volume with the most pragmatic growth factors,
  • Traffic Impact Assessment considering 2 scenarios with reference to Level of Service (LOS) of the adjacent highway (N2),
  • Recommending mitigation measures to minimize impact of the generated traffic.
BDT 500 000/ USD 61205
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