Preparation of Technical Documents of the Proposal for ‘Upgrading of Joydevpur-Debograrn-Bhulta-Madanpur (Dhaka By-pass) Road (N-105) into 4 Lanes through Public Private Partnership in Bangladesh’n


The project- upgrading of the Dhaka Bypass (N105) into 4 lanes, is originally a project of the Roads and Highways Department (RHD) of the Bangladesh Government to be implemented through PPP method supported by PPP Authority (PMO). RHD is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the country’s major road network. The 48 km long Dhaka Bypass will eventually be a part of the SASEC and Asian Highway Route 41 corridor and will have a considerable impact in the socio-economic flourishment of the country with a forecasted 15000-20000 AADT and more than 65% commercial vehicles (Trucks). The project road has the following features:

  • 4-lane access controlled highway
  • 4 nos. exit/ entry points
  • 4 nos. toll plazas
  • 2 nos. flyovers/ rail overpasses

For the bidding process for selection of the PPP developer, the client assigned DevCon for the preparation of the technical documents of the project proposal particularly for Traffic Survey, preparation of Traffic Management Plan and Traffic Modelling/ Forecasting works.


Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff.


Services provided by DevCon staffs engaged in the project by phases of the assignment are as follows:

Traffic Survey

  • Review and design of traffic surveys, and submit guidelines in the form of a Survey Design Report,
  • Top supervision of Classified Traffic Count study at 23 locations for 24 hours,
  • Top supervision of O-D Survey at 23 locations for 24 hours,
  • Carry out Travel Time Survey along 17 alternative routes for 16 hours,
  • Carry out Willingness to pay (WTP) survey for Bus, Truck, Car at major terminals, markets and roadside;

Traffic Modeling/ Forecast

  • Identify and fix up Zoning of Traffic Analysis (TAZ) in consideration of the project road features,
  • Collation of survey data, error-checking and comment on necessary corrective measures,
  • Four step transport modeling (trip generation, trip distribution, mode choice, network assignment) to forecast future traffic flow for the project road on segments of the Bypass in 25 years,
  • Macro travel demand modeling using CUBE Voyager (by Citilabs USA);

Traffic Management Plan

  • Preparation of Overview & Approach to the plan as stated in RFP,
  • Identifying and proposing approach to traffic management during construction, maintenance and emergency works in line with traffic guidelines of Bangladesh and AASHTO,
  • Proposing approach to introduce Intelligent Transport System (ITS) for traffic management purpose,

Preparation of traffic detour/ routing plan in 2D (dynamic) using CUBE Dynasim (by Citilabs USA);.

BDT 4,572,000/ USD 57, 150
Joint Venture of Shamim Enterprise (Pvt.) Ltd. (SEL) & UDC Construction Limited (UDC)/ SEL-UDC JV