Techno Economic feasibility study of a Deep Sea Port in Bangladesh

Detail Narrative Description of Project:

The Project aimed to-

  • assess the potential markets (National and Regional) and business opportunities including value added services for a deep draft sea port located in the coastal areas of Bangladesh;
  • carry out the technical studies involved and identify the most advantageous site for establishing a deep sea port;
  • assess other national and local level benefits (strategic, economic, social, obligatory public service etc.) to arise from the port which will not be reflected in the ports revenue;
  • identify key regulatory, institutional design, reform measures and incentives (fiscal or otherwise) needed to attract private investors to own and operate different segments of the deep sea port project;
  • assess environmental effects, social effects and investments required to reduce harmful effects;
  • estimate costs / investments needed for the developments in different phases, with special attention to the first phase development, identifying clearly the components and public private allocation of cost / investments;

estimate financial and economic returns on investments for the first phase development;


Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided by your Company:

  • Review and Analysis of present situation relevant reports, data, charts on business and trade (national, regional and global); Present role of the existing sea ports, business environment; existing inland transportation network and plan for development; major port users; GOB plans, policies, strategies.
  • Port Administration Model – Strategic Plan for port management, determine the role, responsibilities and organizational structure of the deep sea port authority.
  • Public Private Participation (PPP) model – develop public participation model to develop the deep sea port.
  • Assessment of potential Market and Business Opportunities – Identification of major port users and organizations; assess demands and needs of potential users, analyze needs / demands for traditional port services; assess role of the proposed port.
  • Site Selection – Review of previous studies for deep sea draft ports along the coast of Bangladesh, identification of potential sites, classify the sites according to different drafts available, carryout required investigations and evaluate them, preparation of conceptual designs and comparative cost estimate for different potential sites, evaluate the sites based on selection criteria, recommendation of a selected site.
  • Site surveys and investigations for the preferred site.
  • Planning, layout plans, conceptual designs and cost estimates for the selected site.
  • Project appraisal (financial and economic viability of the deep sea port)

Project Management for deep sea port development

1.70 million
Ministry of Shipping, GOB