Pilot Bus Priority Corridor Pre-Feasibility study (Bus Priority Consultants; Contract Package S11) under CASE Project.

The Government of Bangladesh (GOB) prepared the World Bank project entitled Clean Air and Sustainable Environment “(CASE), aiming at catalyzing the adoption of sustainable initiatives towards reducing air pollution through pilot initiatives in cities. One such initiative in the project was related to sustainable urban transport in Dhaka.

The Strategic Transport Plan (STP) for Dhaka was developed in 2005 and had recently been endorsed at the highest level of Government. One of the major recommendations of the STP was that Dhaka should gradually develop a mass transit system. A total of six major corridors were selected as potentially being suitable for either Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) or metro operation.

The main objective of the study was to conduct for Bus Rapid Transit within Dhaka City. The specific tasks were:

  • Video Recording at site (Video Survey); Video Data Transcription; Travel Time study; Vehicle Occupancy Study; Friction and Constraint Survey,
  • To survey and analyze the existing demand and quality of transport along the chosen corridors;
  • To survey and analyze physical, social constraints and other local constraints for implementation of a BRT along the chosen corridors

Using criteria to be agree with GoB, to evaluate the corridors as candidates for a pilot corridor and to recommend a preferred corridor for early implementation


Description of Actual Services Provided by your Staff:

  • Advising on traffic data collection and data analysis to evaluate suitable bus rapid corridors,
  • Traffic Engineering with Bus Priority Experience,
  • Formulation of Public Transport Planning, management and operation schemes, in consultation with the stakeholders,
  • Environment & Social Assessment and Resettlement plans for shifting towards BRT corridor in the city,
  • Analysis of Physical and other local constraints to implement BRT corridor along major corridors, and
  • Preliminary evaluation of BRT operation and potential corridors in Dhaka city and recommendation of most suitable bus routes.
0.07 million
Department of Environment (DOE) / WB