Supervision and Monitoring (DSM) of Dhaka Urban Transport Project (DUTP): Infrastructure Components, Institutional Support and Training


Dhaka Urban Transport Project (DUTP) is a mega project for transport infrastructure improvement of Dhaka city, funded by WB. The project is a follow up of DITS and mainly comprises the following components:

Improvement of 30 nos. intersections; Design, procurement and installation of microprocessor controlled 59 nos. traffic signal system at road intersections, 126 km of arterial roads; parking facilities and auto restricted zones, 9 nos. pedestrian over bridges; 185 km sidewalks ; 3 nos. Inter-district bus terminals in Dhaka city.

Design and construction supervision of superstructure of 101 meter pre-stressed concrete bridge on the river Turag on Tongi diversion Road. Review of design and redesign of flyovers at Mohakhali and Jatrabari in the Dhaka city. Feasibility studies for alternative options of Jatrabari flyover designs of its different options preparation of estimates for the same; economic viabilities for each options; construction supervision of 1020m Mohakhali flyover including the ramps on both sides consisting of 19 nos. of spans which varies from 26m to 63m pre-cast PC box girder. The flyover has 4 lanes (two each way). The superstructures are provided on 18 nos. RCC of piers with by pre-cast and cast in-situ RCC keeping provisions for lightening and drainage. 522 nos. of RCC cast-in-situ piles are required to be provided under the piers and abutments. The project includes construction of 3 Nos. Bus terminal providing 185 km Pedestrian facility and 9 Nos. Foot over-bridges, secondary road management/maintenance. The project also includes database development of DCC road network (Visual road condition Survey – 400 kms; Road inventory – 157 nos.; Sub-grade and pavement DCP test – 157 nos.; Deflection test – 157 nos.; Traffic survey – 140 points; Roughness survey – 400 km (536 nos. road); R.L referencing of outlet and inlet of the storm water and sewerage line of DPHE – 61.148 km) for Road Maintenance & Management System (RMMS) and institutional strengthening /capacity building of DTCB, RHD and DCC.


Description of Actual Services Provided by your Staff:

Infrastructure development

  • Carry out engineering surveys and investigations;
  • Pre-construction Services (bid preparation for pre-qualification of contractors, preparation of bid documents and bid evaluation and assistance in award of contract);
  • Review of designs, Detailed Engineering Designs of all new infrastructure facilities and redesigns of flyover at Mohakhali under the project;
  • Preparation of Environment Management Plan (EMP) and Resettlement Action Plan (RAP);
  • Supervision construction of all components as per FIDIC conditions of contracts;
  • Preparation and implementation of Quality Assurance Plan (QAP);
  • Collection of baseline data (pre and post project), analysis of data for project impact assessment, project benefits and monitoring of environmental and resettlement mitigation measures,
  • Liaison with clients/donors and reporting as per standard international practices;

Institutional Support

  • Assessment of training needs, preparation of training plans imparting on-the-job training (OJT) and overseas training program for DCC/ RHD/ MoRTB/ DTCA officials,
  • Road Inventory and Condition Survey, Updating of the Road Referencing database, Road Maintenance &  Management System (RMMS) for Dhaka City Corporation road network:

Planning and Policy Studies for urban development (Parking policy, bus route franchising and Study on inter district  bus terminal management in private sector)

11.28 million
Greater Dhaka Transport Planning and Coordination Board