Road Condition Assessment work of RHD Road Network During the Year 2007-2008


Detail Narrative Description of Project:

Roads & Highways Department (RHD) had intended to perform road condition assessment works to update data base of road networks. Under the program three types of assessment were carried out, which are-

  • Road Condition Assessment (14,427km)
  • Classified Traffic Count (732 stations)
  • Benkelmen Beam Deflection Test (3,078 points)

The assessment works were carried out on 14,427 km of roads of which 3,529 km of National Highways, 4,127 km of Regional Highways and 6,771 km of zilla roads.


Detailed Description of Actual Services Provides by your Company:

The following services were provided by the consortium members, led by DevCon (Lead Firm)

  • Road Condition Assessment (14,427km)

Road Condition Assessment included assessment of pavement conditions in terms of pavement distresses like cracking, retting, potholes, broken edge, delimitation, depression, reveling, repair of shoulder, repair of slope, repair of side dram.

  • Classified Traffic Count (732 stations)

Carried out at selected 732 stations on the National, Regional & Zilla road networks.

  • Benkelmen Beam Deflection Test (3,078 points)

In order to assess pavement stiffness, non-destructive testing by means of deflection measurement was carried out at 3,078 nos. of locations.

0.27 million
Roads and Highways Department (RHD)