Road Condition Assessment works of RHD Road Network (Package-01) during the year 2003-2004

Narrative Description of Project:

Roads and Highways Department (RHD) had intended to perform road condition assessment works to update database of road networks. Under the program assessment was carried out on 1,713km of National Road Network, 1,941km of Regional Road Networks, and 3,432km of Zilla Roads.

Actual Services Provided by your Staff:

·         Pavement Inventory (7,086 km road)

To undertake a definite location referencing of the national, regional and zilla road network as the basis for all future road planning of RHD;

·         Road Condition Assessment  (6,963km)

Road condition assessment included assessment of pavement conditions in terms of pavement distresses like cracking, rutting, potholes, broken edge, delimitation, depression, reveling, repair of shoulder, repair of slope, repair of side drain;

·         Classified Traffic Count (375 stations)

Carried out on at 375 stations on the national, regional and zilla road networks;

·         Benkelman Beam Deflection Test (1,662 points)

In order to assess pavement stiffness, non-destructive testing by means of deflection measurement was carried out;

·         DCP Test (7134 points)

DCP test was carried out to find CBR salve of the field using the relationship between CBR and DCP value;

·         Test Pit Inventory (7,134 points)

Test pit inventory was carried out to determine the layer thickness of road construction and type of materials used in construction below the surface;

·         Bridge and culvert condition Assessment (7,435 nos.)

Bridge and culvert assessment was carried out in order to collect different types of data at frequencies appropriate to perform an evaluation of the condition of bridges and culverts and maintenance action needed to be undertaken.

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Roads & Highways Department