Study on Bus Route Rationalization and Route Franchising as a means to reduce the contribution of vehicle emission to Dhaka air pollution: Public Transport Survey and Routes Mapping for Dhaka

Narrative Description of Project:

The objective of the study was to collect base line data on bus service provision in Dhaka to better understand its problems which would in turn help design sub-projects to be undertaken during preparation of Clean Air and Sustainable Environment (CASE) project designed to address emission from bus transports.

Actual Services Provided by your Staff

The following services provided as individual contract by Director of DevConsultants Limited

  • Preparation of inventory of bus routes, buses numbers and owners from licensing records of BRTA.
  • Conducting survey to estimate number of buses which include minibuses, human haulers etc. actually operating on routes.
  • Estimating the operating cost of buses and minibuses including survey of three large bus operations and assessment of the various types of fuel in use by types of buses.
  • Establishing a reasonably accurate set of baseline data which can be used for planning and developing strategies for future consolidation and reform of the urban transport industry.
  • Inventory of cycle rickshaws from licensing records and conduct survey to determine the real number of rickshaws being operated in Dhaka.
  • Preparation of digital maps of bus routes of Dhaka City.


1,745,000.00 BDT & Million US$ 0.026
Air Quality Management Project under Department of Environment (DOE)