Feasibility Study for Bekutia Bridge on Pirojpur-Jhalokati Road over the River Kocha under Jhalokati District.


The objective of the study was to carry out feasibility studies and prepare a preliminary design for construction of a bridge at Bekutia over the Kocha River at Pirojpur-Jhalokathi road to develop road communication between Pirojpur to Jhalokathi and thereby from Khulna to Barisal and assess the feasibility of the project. This bridge will grossly improve the socio-economic condition and industrial development of the area. The length of the proposed bridge is approximately 2.0 km having BIWTA class-1 navigable span of 100m.[400m East-end viaduct + 11x100m spans + 2x50m end spans + 400m West-end viaduct = Total 2000m length]


Description of Actual Services Provided by our Staff:

  • To review all existing data and studies relating to the proposal to design the new bridge.
  • Analysis of the results obtained from Traffic Studies such as existing traffic on road, vehicles on road in study area, traffic survey, characteristics of traffic crossing the rivers, O-D analysis, commodities carried by truck, Bus passengers, car passengers, analysis of Present Crossing Time, Traffic Forecast, Transport Cost Analysis, and Vehicles Operating Cost (VOC)
  • Implementation of necessary topographic surveys and bathymetric survey to determine the cross section of the river.
  • Study of the river hydrology and hydraulics in study area including climate, hydrological and hydrographical study.
  • Conduct geotechnical studies and investigations including preliminary seismic study and also study the materials required for the bridges including construction materials and alignment fixation for approach roads for the the bridge.
  • Work out all possible bridge locations and approach embankment including river cross section and provide a comparative study and recommend the best consideration for the Government.
  • Through hydraulic and river morphology study, preparation of preliminary design for protective works.

The Consultants also conducted: Preliminary design, preliminary cost estimate; techno-economic analysis; environmental impact assessment and resettlement requirement

Bangladesh Bridge Authority (BBA)