Design Review/ Finalization of Jatrabari – Gulistan Flyover Project under BOOT (PPP)


The project focused on Design Review of the proposed Jatrabari-Gulistan Flyover having 4 lanes and length of about 7.0 km, including the ramps, loops and branches, paved approach road network with the main flyover portion being 3400m and composed of PC box girders. Topographical survey and traffic count were carried out by a survey company, the detailed engineering design being carried out by the private sector investors and reviewed and approved by the client and consultants.

The main objectives of the assignment were to review and finalize detailed design, supervision for the construction of Jatbari-Gulistan Flyover and to assist DCC. The scope of works included Detailed review and finalization of design, conduction of necessary surveys (topographic, traffic, pavement condition, drainage, subsoil conditions etc.) for identifying design criteria, implementation of LAP and RAP, Traffic Management, preparation of Environment Management Plan (EMP), supervision of construction, institutional development of Dhaka City Corporation etc.


Detailed Description of Actual Services Provides by your Company:

The Consultant carried out the following tasks:

  • Assisted PMU in all stages including finalization of design methodology, implementation program and other related issues where appropriate in accordance with the international practices.
  • Assisted PMU to monitor the implementation of the Land Acquisition Plan by DCC;
  • Assisted PMU, DMP in Traffic Management / Diversion Plan for the construction sites;
  • Reviewed the work program, method statement, material secures etc.
  • Assisted in preparation of Land Acquisition Proposals as per requirement of the LA procedures and deliver those to DCC;
  • Monitored progress in land acquisition by following through the legal acquisition progress and assess any potential issues that DCC should resolve for timely acquisition;
  • Prepared Resettlement Action plan (RAP) as per GOB provision and supervise implementation;
  • Any other additional services as required by the employer at rates and under conditions to be mutually agreed which fall within general ambits of these terms of reference;
  • Provided technical support to DCC for maintenance and operation of the flyover;
  • Provided support for assessment of training needs and preparing training plans for institutional development;
  • Conducted training program for DCC personnel and contractor for developing their management and technical skills;

At the completions of contract assisted in preparing a consolidated project completion report. Provided with complete records, reports and as built drawings;

0.43 million
Dhaka City Corporation