Construction Supervision of Two Bridges (3rd Buriganga Bridge at Basila & 2nd Shitalakhya Bridge at Demra).


The project aimed to ensure expansion of road network to ease the then traffic congestion around Dhaka Metropolitan city. Construction of the proposed 3rd Buriganga bridge commonly known as Shaheed Buddhijibi Bridge (708 m) on Z8208 at Basilla would pave the way to expansion of the Dhaka Metropolitan city towards the west and south-west side.

Bridge Substructure: Pile foundation= 132 nos. of 600mm dia and 96 nos. 1200mm dia; Abutments = 2 nos.; Piers =27 nos.

Bridge Superstructure: Cast-in-situ PC Box Girder

Span Arrangement = 9 x 47m (box girder) + 19 x 15m (viaduct) = 708 m; Approach Road = 2640 m.

Again Dhaka-Chittagong Highway (N1) is the most important traffic corridor and National Highway of Bangladesh Road network. There was only one bridge on Shitalakhya river. The city expanding very fast and traffic congestion over the bridge was a regular phenomenon. To ease the situation, the need for construction of a second bridge over river Shitalakhya, the Sultana Kamal Bridge (1072 m) on R201 at Demra became urgent.

Bridge Substructure: Pile foundation (600mm dia) = 222 nos.; Abutments = 2 nos.; Piers = 33 nos.

Bridge Superstructure: Cast-in-situ PC Box Girder

Span Arrangement = 2 x 61m + 2 x 90m (cantilever box girder) + 10 x 47m (box girder) + 20 x 15m (viaduct) = 1072 m; Approach Road = 982 m


Detailed Description of Actual Services Provides by your Company:

  • Review of all Detailed Design, Drawing, and Tender Documents ,
  • Construction Supervision and Quality control of bridge construction works,
  • Check Contractor’s invoices and certifying payment,
  • Monitoring progress and prepare progress reports,
  • Prepare and recommend variation orders,
  • Construction supervision of Bridge toll plaza,
  • Environmental Monitoring, construction of river training and protective works,
  • Transfer of Technology and Staff training,
  • Environmental Management and Monitoring,
  • Operation and Maintenance,


1.52 million
Roads and Highways Department (RHD) / KFAED