Road Network Improvement & Maintenance Project-II (RNIMP-II)


The ADB funded Road Network Improvement & Maintenance Project-II aimed to:

  • Support the maintenance of the road network;
  • Upgrade the strategic regional roads and feeder roads in poor areas in the Northwest & central north regions of Bangladesh;
  • Provide better access to the boarder point of Bangladesh &
  • Complete some missing links in the main road network.

The project had the following components:

  • Road Improvement Component (widening and reconstruction up to national road level standard):
    • Total contract packages: 4 nos., Kishoreganj- 62 km, Pachnchaghar- 53 km, Nilphamari- 84 km and Chittagong- 27 km;
    • Bridges:
      • 90m long PC girder bridge at change 13+700, Bhaluka-Kishoreganj Road;
      • 90m long PC girder bridge on Panchagar-Banglabandh Road;
    • Periodic Road Maintenance Component: Rangpur- 7 contract packages, 217 km; Dhaka- 7 contract packages, 231 km;
    • Performance Based Road Routine Maintenance Contracts): Rangpur- 55 km, Dhaka- 50 km
    • Road Safety and Axle-Load Control Component: Comilla- 64 km; Dhaka- 56 km, Rangpur- 75 km

Overseas Training


Detailed Description of Actual Services Provides by your Company:

  • Road Improvement Component:

Reviewed the detailed design, supervised construction of works as per FIDIC setting up QAS, approved the contractor’s work program; Inspected material sources, laboratory plant & equipment; approved and issued working drawings; made measurement and kept measurement records, certified work volume and interim certificates of progress payments, completion of works; Inspected the works during defects liability period and certified the defects liability certificate; undertook benefit monitoring & evaluation of the project; checked and certified as-built drawings; and provided complete records and completion reports.

  • Periodic Road Maintenance Component:

Carried out Selection of the project roads for the annual road maintenance plan; prepared maintenance needs, criteria, and design along with bidding documents for the civil works contracts; procurement of civil works, Supervision Construction of works as per FIDIC (approved the contractor’s work programme; inspected materials sources, laboratory, plant and equipment; monitored and managed project progress; ensured conformance and quality control; financial control; ensured compliance with the environmental and social requirements; recommendations for the next maintenance cycle; checked and certified as-built drawings; provide completed records and completion reports).

  • Routine Road Maintenance Component (Performance Based Maintenance Contracts):

Established a performance indicator; prepared the basic design; proposed contract packages and produced tender and contract documentation; produced cost estimates for the works; procuring of the civil works; trained the RHD staff on Routine Maintenance; monitored the progress of the civil works; conducted a feasibility study and planning of works for privatizing RHD’s road maintenance equipment and workshops.

  • Road Safety and Axle-Load Control Component:

Conduct traffic accident surveys; conduct a heavy vehicle survey; develop a road safety improvement program.

  • Overseas Training:

Transfer of technology & staff training.

  • Reports:

Inception report; monthly progress report; project completion report.

6.09 million
Roads and Highways Department (RHD)