InfrastructureUrban Governance & Infrastructure Improvement Project
  • Urban Infrastructure Improvement and construction (water supply and sanitation, urban roads and drainage, traffic management and intersection development, bus terminal, market development, slum improvement etc
  • Urban Governance Improvement
  • Capacity building
  • Assistance to LGED in Pre-construction services (surveys and investigations, detailed design of infrastructure, bid Preparation and evaluation including award of contracts
  • Supervision construction of all civil works contract and services
  • Preparation of base maps, land use maps on scale 1:8000 for improvement/Expansion of Municipal Infrastructure facilities as Roads and Bridges; preparation of base map, spot lelvel map, landuse and drainage maps storm water drainage; system by using GIS software
  • Urban Governance Improvement Program in the areas of – citizen awareness and participation; women’s participation; integration of urban poor; financial accountability and sustainability and administrative transparency
  • Capacity building – Project management, engineering design, construction supervision, Institutional capacity building programs for Pourashava; training programs to implement the community based activities; computerization of tax records and billing; computerization of accounting management; infrastructure inventory assessment and mapping and training for decentralized township planning
US$ 5.34 million
Local Government Engineering Department