South-west Road Network Development Project: Road Safety Component (NDF funded)

Detail Narrative Description of Project:

Road safety components of the project comprises identification of road accident prone locations to take measures in road / pavement design to reduce accident and assist in developing standard designs for typical accident, preventive road features, including (i) channelization of intersections (ii) easing of sharp curves (iii) construction of road side bus-bays and off road parking areas for bus and trucks (iv) construction of crash barriers in median and at roadside (v) construction of separate lane for slow moving vehicles (vi) incorporation of service road at market areas (vii) upgrading of pedestrian crossing (viii) reduction of roadside activities and encroachment etc. and to supervise the construction works for accident, preventive measures and to advise and train concerned agencies and personnel on road safety issues and to undertake before and after studies to assess the impact of the safety measures.


Detailed Description of Actual Services Provides by your Company:

  • To prepare detailed engineering design, estimates and tender documents of all Pavement works;
  • Prepare guidelines for road safety audits;
  • Finalize the proposed amended geometric design of roads, intersections, bends and preparation of manual of RHD;
  • Arrange Training seminars for engineers of RHD, BRTA and local consultants and contractor;
1.54 million
Road & Highways Department (RHD)/ NORDIC Fund