Design, management & supervision (dms) under dhaka water supply network improvement project

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The DMS consultant will assist the PMU in managing and implementing the Project, assisting the PMU and Project Coordination Unit (PCU) in design review and supervising all works under packages of distribution network improvement (DNI), liaising with ADB, procuring goods and works under the Project, reviewing detailed design carried out by contractors, handling financial management of the Project, and monitoring safeguards compliance of the Project


Project Management

  1. Assisting PMU by delineating its method of working, procedures, and reporting;
  2. Assisting PMU in procuring goods, works and services in accordance with ADB Procurement (2015, as amended from time to time);
  3. Establishing criteria for supervision, coordination, and management,
  4. Strengthening PMU/PCUs capacity for improved financial, institutional, and operational management of services

Survey, investigation and technical design of five contract packages 

  1. Review the detailed design and drawings, particularly the network analysis (by software), and provide changes as required, including all pipeline analysis, values, bulk meters and other electro-mechanical equipment.

Construction supervision

  1. General and detailed supervision of all construction and maintenance works including pipeline construction, valves, bulk meters and other equipment installation and establishing DMA systems.
  2. Preparation of construction management manual, quality assurance manual and other certificates and reports
  3. Supervise of daily basis, ensuring proper testing and quality control of pipelines and DMA performance.
  4. Assist in pressure testing, pressure system testing of all laid, relined and burst water mains suitable segments of relined mains with new service connections.
  5. Updating the GIS database by recording all existing facilities

Capacity building and trainings

  1. Assistance with training of DWASA personnel based on operation and maintenance routines. Assist in developing training programs for DWASA zonal staff on operations and maintenance of networks, maintaining operational pressure, identifying sources of wastage, flushing lines, service connection procedure, etc.
  2. Monitoring training impact and resulting performance improvements
  3. Assisting DWASA to maintain the GIS database and providing hands-on training to utilize it.


  1. Ensuring mitigation of all environmental issues and appropriate actions on social and gender issues;
  2. ensure contractors (including their sub-contractors) plan, design, construct and operate the facilities in compliance with ADB SPS and government regulations
  3. Supervising the NGO in Resettlement Plan implementation and monitoring of Environmental Management Plan

Reviewing the DWASA Gender Strategy and assist in improving and its operationalizing.

US$ 8.3 million
Water & safeguards
Dhaka Wasa