Household Interview Survey (HIS) for the Project on Revision and Updating of the Strategic Transport Plan (STP) for Dhaka


Bangladesh Government, the Ministry of Communication, with the support from JICA is undertaking the Project on Revision and Updating of Strategic Transport Plan (STP) for Dhaka. The objectives of the study are: 1) revise and update the STP which was approved by the GOB in 2006, and 2) select plans and formulate a roadmap that would consist of high priority projects to solve current urban transport issues. The Household Interview Survey (HIS) is planned as part of the JICA supported STP revision project, and will be implemented by the JICA Study Team engaging a qualified local consultant firm. The HIS consists of four survey items with different purposes to assess:

  • Socioeconomic characteristics of the households, location of residence, ownership of housing, payment for electricity, etc.;
  • Socioeconomic characteristics of each household member including age, gender, education level, occupation, work or school address, income, etc.;
  • The number of vehicles owned and household members who mostly use the vehicles, and
  • Characteristics of weekday trips made by each household member including trip origin and destination, trip purpose, travel mode, transfers, as well as departure and arrival times.

The primary objective of HIS is to acquire information on daily travel characteristics of the residents in RAJUK areas except DMA and DCCs (see map aside). More sharply, the purpose of HIS is to provide information suitable for gaining an in-depth understanding of the travel behaviors of households and individuals to inform the revision of the STP. In specific, the objectives are to:

  • Obtain basic data in aid of formulating comprehensive urban and transportation plans,
  • Creating an essential database of the urban dwellers having diversified choices and behaviors of people towards traffic use, and

Knowing and ensuring that urban and transportation plans are redesigned based on informed knowledge related to travel behaviors of the people and forecasted future traffic demands


Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided by your Company:

The services provided as per the project provision include the following:

  • Overall planning, implementation, coordination of the HIS (of 16,000 sample size) with the assistance of JICA and DTCA
  • Preparatory phase: translation of data collection tools e.g. four questionnaire forms; staff recruitment, training with field pilot testing, and development of survey manuals, zone code tables, data entry and error checking systems;
  • Implementation of field surveys: zone planning, debriefing to field survey teams, and conduction of field surveys by 14 survey teams (those follow random sampling approaches) which includes data collection, field/on-spot error checking and correction, call-back surveys, data gathering and batch processing, data validation, encoding and entry into MS Access software;
  • Data processing, analysis and reporting: including systematic data entry, consistency checking, cleaning, tabulation, analysis and information generation for/and report development.

The task involves a high level of HR management systems to manage about 150 field staff involving for more than 16,000 sample surveys as well.

0.173 million
JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) with cooperation of Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority (DTCA)