BusinessConsultingSeptember 14, 2021by Mosleh

Contract signed with Local Government Engineering Department (LGED)

DevConsultants Limited (DevCon) and BETS Consulting Services Ltd. (BETS), Bangladesh have signed a Consultancy Contract with the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) on 7th September. 2021, for Project Readiness Consultancy Services towards Integrated Urban Development (Sector) Project (IUDP) under Third Urban Governance and Infrastructure Improvement Sector Project (UGIIP -III), funded by ADB.

The entire consultancy assignment will encompass the elements of conceptual project design, based on an examination of the prevailing situation at project-targeted PSs, ADB, and GoB policies surrounding urban development and modes of financing relevant interventions. Alongside these, the assignment will importantly include, working out an appropriate mechanism for the project’s implementation and required channeling of project funds.