Karnaphuli Tunnel


The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh (GOB) has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to obtain financing towards construction of a tunnel under the river Karnaphuli in Chittagong. to be implemented by Bangladesh Bridge Authority (BBA). BBA has signed a contract (the Construction Contract) with the China Communications Construction Company Limited (the Contractor) for the design, manufacture, construction and commissioning of the tunnel with the approach roads, toll plaza, building services and electronic control systems and the GOB is now negotiating the Loan Facility Agreement. BBA thus engages a consulting firm(s) (the Consultant) to act as the Employer’s Representative (ER) under the Construction Contract to support its activities in all stages of the construction contract. This scope of services pertains to the works of the ER which includes detailed design, procurement, construction supervision, commissioning, testing and operation of the Construction Contract.


The primary roles and functions of the ER/Consultant include but not limited to the following:

  1. Review of Contract Documents in compliance with the requirements of the Construction Contract,
  2. Detailed design and cost estimation of the tunnel and allied works,
  3. Review, inspection and monitoring of the construction works (temporary and permanent works),
  4. Assessment of geological, topographical, hydrological and environmental conditions at site,
  5. Review of the Contractor’s Quality Control System established under the Construction Contract and Employer’s Requirement especially on Environmental Protection,
  6. Review of the Contractor’s Environmental Management System,
  7. Review of the Contractor’s Site Safety Plan,
  8. Review of the inspection and test plans and results of the testing (plan materials and workmanship),
  9. Conducting the procedures required on behalf of the Client on Employer’s Taking Over and preparation of the Taking-over Certificate,
  10. Conducting procedures on behalf of the Client during the Defects Liability period and preparation of the Performance Certificate,
  11. Arrangement of Training as a specific component of the project:
    1. Overseas Training: 2 weeks’ training on contract administration, project management, PPP contracts, latest innovations in construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, river training works, asset management systems and sustainable maintenance in renowned instritutions of developed countries for 5 engineers/ professionals

Domestic Training: 1500 man-days’ training for 100 engineers and other BBA/PIU professionals on the above topics

US$ 37.01 Million
GOB (Govt. of Bangladesh)