DevConsultants Limited (DevCon) is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm registered in Bangladesh. DevCon’s objective is to provide professional and specialist services to their clients from both local and international market to ensure international standard of professional practices. Being a former member of DHV Group of the Netherlands, DevCon has built up within itself management and professional capability compatible to the needs of International Consulting standard. DevCon is registered in Bangladesh; it however has stepped in to the regional market with prospect of its stronger presence in South Asia. DevCon has ISO 9001:2008 quality management system (ISO 9001:2008, Certificate No. 26988).

DevCon maintain a pool of renowned specialists in most of the professional areas. Both the payroll staff and retainers are all renowned professionals in their field of specialization and a large number of them have experience overseas to work in multi-national and multi-cultural team.

The Management of DevCon is presently vested with a Board of Directors comprising of two members. All the Directors have a proven outstanding professional career record with high-level management capabilities. The Management is well known to and familiar with the relevant development sectors in Bangladesh as well as with the regional and the international markets.

DevCon’s focus is embodied in the slogan, “value creation in local development”. For DevCon, the end is therefore not the service itself, but: The People who benefit from out of services, and The Growth that our services promote.

DevCon’s core values are carried across the organization, guiding the approach and professional conduct of all staff.

DevCon’s services are stand alone based on the following core values:

Client focus: The Company includes an extensive network of professionals and academicians and is active in many disciplines of services. This ensures diversity in company offers and expertise whereby DevCon can always follow its clients. The emphasis will therefore be on strengthening our own knowledge centers and expertise areas.

Result-orientation: DevCon’s strategy is expedited towards generating the financial results required to ensure the continuity and growth of the company.

Top expertise: A sound professional background enables us to conceive the best possible solutions to clients needs. DevCon’s highly qualified staffs are strongly focused on personal and professional development.

Respect: DevCon allows room for personal wishes. Tasks are appointed on the basis of individual skills and talent, and staffs have a large measure of responsibility in structuring their works. We respect other viewpoints, opinions and cultures, and we are conscious of our role in the society as a whole.

Integrity: We advise clients from an independent perspective and honor the principles of integrity.

Compliance: DevCon provides its services in accordance with the ethical rules as laid down in the FIDIC Guidelines for Business Integrity Management in the Consulting Business.

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Address: House 69, Road 16, Block A, Banani, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh.
Tel: +88 02 55035214-6,
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