Regional Development Planning (RDP) under City Region Development Project, Loan No.-2695-BAN (SF)

Project Information

Client: Rajdhani Unnayan Kartipakkah (RAJUK)

Sector: Infrastructure

Location: RAJUK area, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Funding Agency: Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Incorporation: Saman Corporation (SAMAN), Republic of Korea;

• Component I: Review of the Dhaka Metropolitan Development Plan (DMDP) and Preparation of New Structure Plan (2016-2035).

– Collection of Mauza maps (CS and RS), Geo-physical Maps, Base Maps, Basic Statistics and other relevant reports;
– Collection of Latest 3D Satellite Image (GeoEye-1 GeoStereo) of DMDP area;
– Geo-referencing of 3D Satellite Image and selection of about 30 Ground Control Point (GCP) using RTK-GPS;
– Digitization of Satellite Image and preparation of DEM, Contour etc.;
– Updating of Mauza Maps, Topographical Survey, Physical Feature Survey, Land-use Survey with latest 3D GIS technique using photogrammetric & Satellite Image, detailed Area Plan Survey and Field visit.

• Component II: Preparation of a Feasibility Study and Master Plan for one Satellite City.

– Site selection for the proposed Satellite City, set aims and objectives for the design of the satellite city;
– Prepare information module-physical and environmental conditions, and use, existing development and relocation / resettlement implications, institutional and regulatory context, financial and economic viability of the Master Plan;
– Preparation of citywide sustainability framework to monitor and measure the success in implementing the proposed Master Plan.

• Component III: Capacity Building and Training for Urban Planning Professionals.

The component comprises three modules:
– Regional Development Planning;
– New Settlement Planning and Development;
– Development Control Mechanism and Supporting Municipal Urban Planning

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