Greater Dhaka Sustainable Urban Transport- Package 3: Operational Design and Business Model (ODBM) Project No. 42169-BAN

Project Information

Client: Roads and Highways Department (RHD)

Sector: Transport

Location: Dhaka City Corporation and Gazipur City Corporation areas.

Funding Agency: ADB

Incorporation: ALG, TMB, GEA 21

Greater Dhaka Sustainable Urban Transport- Package 3: Operational Design and Business Model (ODBM)(04 Jul 2013 – 30 Jun 2017)

Description of Project:

The project is intended to construction of 20km Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route from a terminal near Gazipur Railway Station to a terminal at the Airport Rail Station. DTCA and the Special Organization (SPO) to be established to regulate and efficiently manage BRT operations in the corridor using private sector operators. The activities include restructuring the Tongi – Gazipur Pourashava Areas’ main urban transport corridor by constructing:

  • 1 Segregated lane per direction from 0km (Gazipur Terminal) to 12.50km; 2 Segregated lanes per direction from 12.50km to 20km (Airport Rail Terminal); a 4.5km elevated section in Tongi from 12.5 km to 17 km; 7 nos. additional flyovers at main junctions; BRT lanes with reinforced concrete pavement; 31 nos. of closed stations with 3 access at grade and 28 underpass (among which 8 nos. are with elevator); 1 terminal and 1 depot near Gazipur Railway Station.
  • Two mixed traffic lanes and one NMT lane per direction and sidewalks along either side of BRT
  • High capacity drainage system along the restructured corridor
  • 155 nos. of feeder access roads improvement in favor of NMT for a distance of 100 meters from the corridor

Description of Actual Services :

  • Traffic Surveys and Transport Demand Modelling
  • Financial Modelling and Economic Analysis
  • BRT Operations Plan and Service Development
  • BRT Business Model
  • Negotiations with existing operators
  • Fare System
  • ITS Systems for BRT Operations
  • ITS Systems for Traffic Signals and Traffic Management Centre
  • Vehicle Fleet
  • Preparation for BRT Service Start up
  •  PPP scheme for the Intermodal Airport Terminal

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