Remaining Civil Works of 4-Laning of Dhaka-Chittagong Highway Project

Project Information

Client: Roads and Highways Department (RHD)

Sector: Transport

Location: Dhaka-Chittagong

Funding Agency: Government of Bangladesh (GoB)

Incorporation: CES India (Pvt.) Ltd.

Construction Supervision of the Remaining Civil Works of 4-Laning of Dhaka-Chittagong Highway Project (Jan 2015 – Dec 2016)

Description of Project:

Dhaka-Chittagong Highway identified among one of the five major corridors for development. Among them Dhaka-Chittagong National Highway is considered to be the most important highway and lifeline of commerce in Bangladesh and carries port traffic to Dhaka and other places in the country. Considering the traffic volume & traffic congestion the Government of Bangladesh has therefore, decided to undertake construction of 4-Laning Highway from Daudkandi to Chittagong (Chittagong city Gate) Section of Dhaka-Chittagong Highway with its own financing. The improvement of this strategic corridor is envisaged to provide substantial economic and social benefits to south-eastern region in particular through generation of employment, creation of improved facilities for trade and commerce, promotion of social integration and development of tourism and would thus assist economic development and reduction of poverty in the country.

(Road Total Length = 192km, Major Bridge (pre-stressed concrete) = 5 Nos (50 m-150 m of length, total length 520 m), Flyover = 3 Nos (total length 600 m pre-stressed box girder), Small Bridges = 17 Nos (850 m., Culverts (single to 3 span)= 242 Nos.

Actual Services:

  • Review and redesign the detailed design, if required, to suit the actual site conditions;
  • Approve the contractor’s work program, method of statements, material sources, manpower and equipment deployment, etc.;
  • Prepare and issue reports as defined subsequently;
  • Approve and / or issue working drawings, approve the setting out of the works, and give instructions to the Contractor;
  • Make measurements and keep measurement records;
  • Maintain records, correspondence and diaries;
  • Certify work volume and Interim Certificates for progress payments;
  • Assists the Engineer in maintaining consolidated project accounts and in preparing the financial statements;
  • Certify completion of part or all of the works;
  • Checking significant variations in quantities;
  • Inspect the works at appropriate internals during the Defects Liability Period and prepare the Defects Liability Certificate for issuance by the Engineer;
  • Advise the Engineer on all matters relating to the execution of the works, and assist the Engineer with processing the Contractor’s possible claims;
  • Approving extensions of time;
  • Check and certify as-built drawings for the works prepared by the Contractors;
  • Provide the Client with complete records and Inception, Monthly and Completion reports;

Ensure compliance with the environmental and social impact mitigation requirements of civil works contracts, monitor the implementation of the resettlement plan being carried out by non-government organizations, and report

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