Area of Expertise

Complex projects demand integrated approaches, we provide multi-disciplinary teams containing all skills required. Our consultants have a wide variety of backgrounds, ranging from civil engineering to environmental engineering including management, business administration, geography, economics and sociology and also to communication, computer science, training and education. Strategic alliances with universities and other professional bodies enable us to compose tailor-made teams to meet every conceivable client need.

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    DevCon becomes a partner when it comes to development of transportation, to improvement of urban and rural services and to upgrading of infrastructural Networks. DevCon’s services encompass the following fields:

    • Roads and Highways

    • Bridge and Structures

    • Traffic, Transport and Transport Engineering

    • Air Quality Management

    • Port and Harbour

    • Airport

    • Railways

    Complete Project-Cycle:

    Our consultants help clarify you to find feasibility solutions. Next, our technical and financial specialists prepare designs and cost estimates and support you applying proper tender projects. Also, our engineers and other specialists are ready to manage contracts and supervise the work, taking the responsibilities as representative on site including environmental and resettlement assessment activities. After completion our advisors are eager to provide the tools for operations and maintenance of your systems.


    DevCon offers expertise and experience in the following fields:

    • Rural Development

    • Urban and Regional Development

    Fields of Activity:

    DevCon provides the following services for infrastructure projects starting from the initial concept planning and preliminary design through to construction supervision and assistance in management and maintenance.

    Rural Development and Connectivity: development impact studies, planning, design and implementation of rural infrastructure e.g. markets, culverts / bridges and rural roads for connectivity for sustainable economic development including environmental and social impact assessment and monitoring and evaluation.

    Urban and Regional Regeneration: structure and master planning, detailed area planning, urban infrastructure planning and feasibility studies, detailed engineering and construction supervision with social and community development and environmental management.

    Water and Safeguards (Social & Environment)

    DevCon offers expertise and experience in the following fields:

     Water Supply

     Sanitation, Sewerage and Urban Drainage

     Environmental Management

     Wastewater Treatment

     Social Assessment

     Climate Changes & Adaptations

    Fields of Activity:

    Water Supply: Water Resources Studies, Water Master Plan Feasibility Studies, Rural and Urban Water Supply, Industrial Water Supply.

    > Wastewater Treatment: Domestic and Industrial Waste Water Treatment (Effluent Treatment Plant);

    Sanitation, Sewerage and Urban Drainage; Integrated Rural Water Supply / Sanitation; Solid Waste Management; Sewerage and Urban Drainage; Soil and Groundwater Pollution. Environmental Management: Environmental Surveys and Impact Assessment; Environmental Policies and Management Plans. Social: Social Studies, Social Impact Assessment (SIA), Resettlement Action Planning (RAP), Land Acquisition Planning (LAP) Climate Changes: Climate resilient Infrastructure Planning, Climate adaptation studies & Planning. DevCon Water is able to provide a total capability throughout the water cycle & environmental issues.

    Agriculture and Water Resources

    DevCon offers expertise and experience in the following fields:

     Flood Control and Bank Protection

     Drainage Improvement

     Estuary Development

     Irrigation and Agricultural Development

     Participatory Water Resources Management

     Capacity Building

     Impact Assessment

    Fields of Activity:

    Services include (a) Surveys, investigations and reconnaissance studies; (b) Project Identification, (c) Planning, Preliminary Designs, Techno-Economic Analysis and Feasibility Studies; (d) Detailed Design and Tender Document; (e) Construction Supervision and Contract Management; (f) Management and Training Advice; (g) Monitoring and Evaluation.

    DevCon believes in team work and an integrated approach involving Engineers, Agronomists, Aqua-culturists, Economists, Sociologists, Environmentalists, Extension Personnel, Credit Specialists and many other specialists for making a project success. The Professional team of DevCon helps to strengthen farmer’s organizations in the process of integrated water resources planning and management, and also to meet the water demand of diverse interest groups. Technical assistance, institutional strengthening and training, and the implementation of specific projects are part of its process.